Phuket Modern Art-Suthirak Chantragun
Khun Suthirak is an experienced artist who has experimented with many art styles over his long years of painting but which has finally evolved into the extremely popular, unique and highly distinctive style of painting that we see today. It is characterized by heavily applied layers of paint, reminiscent of the “painterly style”, using brush and trowel and splashing. He favors bold, bright primary colors for the most part which reflect his irrepressible, larger than life, personality although, when so inspired, occasionally employs sensuous, erotic, pastel shades and sometimes mixed media as well, all of which adds an interesting extra dimension to his work. Khun Suthirak’s art is almost always executed on a large canvas, which is necessary. A small canvas could not contain his vibrant energy. His work is powerful, dramatic, exciting, and emotional and often seems to explode from the canvas. It is unmistakably his own.

Suthirak Chantragun
BYD Lofts, Patong Beach5/28 Haad Patong Road, Patong Beach
Phuket  83100 TH
Phone: 0668-9468838

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