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Dance of Two Creations * 2012

Dance of Two Creations * 2012 Father has million angel of Seraphim,Cherubim,Dominion,Thrones,Virtues..and Power and many more type of angels 1/3 of the angels were deceived by the wisdom of Lucifer The great revolt was launched by the Dark prince angel of promise and lies Lucifer could not rip and strip the Mount of God Million of years earlier Father had created and hid the Mighty warrior Cherubforce and Serapforce ..that had paralysed the brutal aggression of Lucifer The rebels were apprehended at Valley of Judgement The rebellious angels were cast down to earth and took the form of beast Lucifer had his name removed by embracing a new judgement name..'SATAN' Many had been poisoned by dark knowledge regarding that God was lonely..and he created man to kill his loneliness Why would God do so when there were and still there are million of angels stood loyal to him? God was never lonely Father wanted to proof to the army of loyal angel that he still rules the universe with Righteousness and Justice Project Dance of 2 Creations was to prepare man to face the onslaught of Satanic activities Man can proof his worthiness or to severe his loyalty All the angels & cherubs will watch the perseverances of man or their disgrace shame The perseverance & disgrace were the measure of reflection that the army of heaven shall assess themselves Thus this Creation shall bring forth the true repentance Many angels had been poisoned by the Satan vicious seedings Taking on the defensive side yet with tainted mindset had damaged the pureness of creation The dance was to remedy the tainted ones The smell of sweetness shall be regenerated A dream filled my sight Flooding my vision and world with many colors I saw the Dance of Two Creations -by Kiddolucaslee
Added by Kiddolucaslee on 5/30/2012 10:54:15 AM
Dance of Two Creations * 2012

The Nightmare Experiences

How often do you ve Nightmare? How terrible are your experiences? When your Nightmare reaches the 6th Dimensional Level..." you " ( your SOUL )...cant find your body return were terrified....devastating experience ! Some people can really travel far into the 'Unknown World '...they got LOST...Can they return to their Home ( Body) ? *Trancemare abstract of Kiddolucaslee Have you ever had a dream Where things aren't what they seem? And no one's there to hear your prayer However hard you scream? A dream is a wish your heart makes What happens when the bubble breaks? Grass is always greener on the other side Now you must decide whether to face the fears inside When reality becomes too much to bear And your dreams turn into nightmares Yet you have no answer to your prayer Don't give up if life doesn't seem fair You don't have to run away and hide Take a long look at the darkness inside So find the faith to face your fear And all your doubt will disappear Reality collides with fantasy A nightmare is born for eternity This place of joy and happiness Is full of sadness and madness A shadow sweeps across the land Thus falls the last small grain of sand Dreams turn to dust - love turns to lust And all things go just as they must It's a sweet sleep, so it may seem When will I wake up from this dream? For the moment, there's no faking Something in my soul is waking! No salvation's in sight, On this never-ending night. All hope is lost and dreams are dead; Now darkness rules instead THERE IS NO TOMORROW..... All I can hear is screams In this world of forgotten dreams I'm living in a nightmare now I have to stop it and wake up somehow In this world, dreams become nightmares And screams are all that's left of prayers Dreaming in a land of nightmares In a world where nobody cares Reliving the pain of the past Every moment worse than the last I fear I shall forever dwell In this horrendous place called hell At first, I thought that I was strong My life made sense, just like a song But now, I see that I was wrong I could have fallen all along NIGHTMARES START LIKE DREAMS.... Things aren't always what they seem Nightmares start out just like dreams First impressions are deceiving Sometimes seeing is believing Don't let this dream come true Keep it from entering reality So never let go, whatever you do Or you'll be lost for eternity Your troubles seemed so far away, But now they're here to stay Your only hope is to pretend It will eventually end Opening your eyes to the light Wake up from this eternal night The truth is there for you to see It's not a fantasy IN MY DARKEST HOUR.... A sense of powerlessness A loss of control A feeling of hopelessness Deep down in your soul In your darkest hour Heaven with its power Can't save your soul You'll never be whole The silence has spoken Blood falls like rain Their bodies are broken And souls are slain Turn around and see Your footsteps in the fiery coals This is your destiny You're one of us no A NIGHTMARE COME TRUE... Don't let your doubt Kill all your dreams There's no way ou; Or so it seems Open up your eyes Look beyond the lie The truth can set you free But you don't have to b. No time for tears Can't stop to scream So face your fears And end this dream No, this is wrong I can be strong This can't be right I have to fight Poem by Heartless Princess
Added by Kiddolucaslee on 5/13/2012 1:28:26 AM
The Nightmare Experiences
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