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The Blue Sex Machine - or -  Love in Space

The Blue Sex Machine - or - Love in Space

Posted by Franz on 12/11/2005
Erotic and SciFi has always been a nice couple. Here are some of my versions of the theme - and by the way - SciFi IS Erotic for me.

The Blue Sexmachine
586 x 768 px  (127 KB)
Immortal Feelings
1024 x 808 px  (203 KB)
Sea of Love
604 x 768 px  (102 KB)

 Artist:   Franz  ( ) Contact Artist 
Born and living at the gates to the Austrian Alps near Salzburg my visions have always been enriched by nature and myths. I like to climb on mountains and ride through dense forests. And I always held a pencil to sketch what I see; but my love is SF and Fantasy Art, and this since 1979 when my first painting appeared in a magazine. Since then I met countless wonderful members of this big community in conventions and shows and I just can say: I love this scene! My work has been showed on book covers, in magazines and on collecitible cards as well as on numerous shows. But I always have the one or another private piece in making. But now enjoy my visions....


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