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The Mythic North - The Viking Saga

The Mythic North - The Viking Saga

Posted by Franz on 12/4/2005
Port Valhalla shows my first vision of the myths of the Vikings. It is the first of a collection of three works of art set in the myths of the North. From design phase to finish it took me about two years to finish this big Fantasy paintings, painted in acrylics on canvas in 70x100 cm. The second work titled "Gate Godafoss" (the fall of the Gods) and "Asgard Haven" (the seat of the Gods).

Port Valhalla
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Gate Godafoss
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Asgard Haven
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The Viking Spirit

The Viking Spirit

I am always fascinated by the Sagas of the North and here are my newest creations in the Realms of the Viking Spirit. Visit the grand "Tower of Thor" or the wild "White Storm Towers"....
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Born and living at the gates to the Austrian Alps near Salzburg my visions have always been enriched by nature and myths. I like to climb on mountains and ride through dense forests. And I always held a pencil to sketch what I see; but my love is SF and Fantasy Art, and this since 1979 when my first painting appeared in a magazine. Since then I met countless wonderful members of this big community in conventions and shows and I just can say: I love this scene! My work has been showed on book covers, in magazines and on collecitible cards as well as on numerous shows. But I always have the one or another private piece in making. But now enjoy my visions....


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