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Curse Manifestation of Styx ..Solemn Oath
River Styx is the main river from the underworld, in Greek mythology Greek Goddess Styx, who is the goddess of this river She was the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Thetys. She lived in a palace at the entrance of Hades, which had rocks on the roof and was supported by silver columns Her name is connected to the word which meant "hatred" in Greek

When she was young, she was one of the girls who were playing with Persephone, gathering flowers, when the latter was kidnapped by Hades

When Zeus summoned all the gods to help him fight the Titans, Oceanus told his daughter Styx to join Zeus. That's why she was the first to come to Zeus' aid, ..during the war, goddess Styx imprisoned a monster, half bull and half serpent, because it was said that whoever fed the bull's guts to the flames will defeat the gods

As a reward for Greek goddess' Styx help, Zeus allowed her children to dwell in his house To her, he gave the honour of being the one on whose name the solemn oaths were taken Whenever a god or goddess takes an oath, goddess Iris is sent to fetch water from the river Styx, in a golden pitcher/cup, and the god slowly pours out the water, while pronouncing the oath

That's why she was feared by gods, because oaths sworn on her name could not be taken lightly Zeus sworn on the river Styx to grant Semele whatever she wanted, that's why, when she asked him to appear in all his glory, he had to do it He showed her the smallest of his thunder bolts and the smallest storm, but mortals can't see them without being incinerated, and so Semele died Zeus had tried to make her change her mind, but in the end he had to comply, because he was bond by the oath on the waters of the river Styx

Zeus had a habit of swearing on the waters of the Styx, whenever he got in trouble with Hera because of his love affairs... which happened quite often!

Helios, too, sworn on this river to satisfy his son's wish. Phaeton asked to drive his father's chariot, and that's what lead to his death

When such a solemn oath was broken, there was a severe punishment for the gods: for one year, they could not breathe and they could not feed on nectar and ambrosia, they would just lay on a bed, in a kind of coma After that, for nine more years, they could not take part in the other activities of the gods, counsels or banquets

As regards the river Styx, it was considered the boundary between our world and the underworld That's why sometimes the name Styx was used instead of "Hades"

Curse Manifestation of River Styx With Broken Horn
Kiddolucaslee * 2011
829 x 660 px  (227 KB)
Abandoned Sorceror s Nest
2010 * Kiddolucaslee
534 x 368 px  (67 KB)
Greenhorn Cliff
2010 * Kiddolucaslee
749 x 630 px  (118 KB)

 Artist:   Kiddolucaslee  ( ) Contact Artist 
Kiddolucas Lee was born in Penang Island Malaysia

Kiddolucas s imaginary composition both evoke the solitude of an individual s experience with Natural elements & celebrate the Planet natural beauty

A rare and profound artist...hardcore- strange creator...one who had totally abandoned all his traditional path...now embracing in his self-developed style ' TRANCE HYPNOTIC abstract '...and ' TRANCEMARE abstract '

Kiddolucaslee - believes the Power of Trance can do the extreme...breaking through the ultimate..to travel in a tedious journey...such method will create high imaginaries which will surpass talent and physical knowledge

A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy....this is called the ' Trancemare State '

To travel..to enter into another realm to find the Beauty of Colors...Pallete of Trance shall be established in this World of Unseen

Breathlessly Traditionalists struggling to adapt in such New Environment...but the Intuitionists and the Seers shall be strenghtened and enpowered by the Beauty of this NEW EARTH

Walk thru' it..& you shall find out the Reality & the Force of the TRANCE

You re seeing Flamable Colors melting and dripping....frozen colors start to melt too
You got to see them fast before the Great Arts are all melt- away

'TRANCE ABSTRACT' creator - Kiddolucaslee....a brilliant colorist had built his many visions with amazing waves of colors...strenghtened by layers of depth of unknown zones....this spectacular lifecolors and forms draw you into a Trance of Estacy
...your mind..heart..soul...and body will melt together with the amazing colors
The Arts will remained deep in your soul

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Contact : blueleaf333@yahoo.co.uk

Phone : +6 0 1 6 5148618

Fax : +6 6 0 5 2 4 3 8 1 1 7


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