Dawn Holliday
I am a 24yr old artist from Surrey, England who delights in bringing magic, enchantment, beauty, hope and wonder to the world. I paint mostly in watercolour and acrylic and occasionally in oils. My most painted subjects are unicorns but you will also find faeries, winged animals, mermaids, pegasus and other magical beings in my art. I have been an artist pretty much the whole of my life and have now been selling and sending art all over the world for almost four years! I recently redecorated my personal website ~


I'm well known for my ACEO (art cards editions and originals.) When I first began selling my art online I was introduced to this tiny format and was instantly blown away by the amount of detail and energy my fellow artists were able to capture in such a seemingly limited amount of space. At only 2.5" by 3.5" they are certainly challenging, but that makes painting them all the more worthwhile. There's a certain magic and intruige about the tiny size of them that really does lend itself to the faeries and unicorns that inhabit my mind. They seem to be the perfect little canvas for all things enchanted.

Until you see an original ACEO in person, it's hard to appreciate the detail that goes into each one. ACEO or ACT's as they are sometimes called (Artist trading cards) were originally painted by artists for artists. They were a way for artists to appreciate and enjoy each others work without it eating too much into their time and resources. Collectors and the public soon began to see the appeal of these little hidden treasures and the demand for them grew. They are now sold with great success through ebay in particular. Collecters and art lovers alike are able to own a piece (or collection) of original artwork that wont break the bank. ACEO are versatile and easy to display and store. Some like to keep them in trading card albums or they can be framed in groups or seperately. Because of their size they are very tactile and intimate, so even if you just want to keep them with you during the day, you can. To me they resemble secret little portals to other worlds, bringing the magic so close you can almost touch it...

I also regularly paint and sell larger and even more detailed pieces on canvas one of which features in this years Magical Faeries Calendar, its such an honour to be feature alongside my favourite fantasy artist Josephine Wall in this calendar! You can purchase it from www.fairycalendar.co.uk
I'm quite a spiritual person, so I try to paint from my heart and soul. My interests are diverse and ever growing and you'll see hints of many of them them in my work. My main interest is making the world a more harmonious and peaceful place in any way I can and quietly encouraging others to do the same. I suppose it's more of a purpose than an interest though...

For me the deeper questions in life, like 'why are are we here?' and 'who are we?' have always been on my mind since I was small and from the age of around 15 I have been on what I would call a personal journey of discovery.

The universe and the idea of cycles of time, ascension, dimensions, portals, mythological archetypes, ancient advanced civilizations and other realms are more than fascinating to me. I'm of the belief that there's so much we don't full understand and that often, truth is stranger than fiction ;) All these thoughts and more influence my art today...


Profile Link: http://www.FantasyArtists.org/DawnHolliday

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