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Welcome to the fantastic and fascinating world of Badhead Gadroon! One might ask "What is a Badhead Gadroon?" Well, in essence, Badhead Gadroon is an entity from a realm known as Pennundinkhe which can only be reached through the husk of a wish ungranted. It visits our world through a connection to the mind of an artist from England who chooses to be known only as Raven. Raven has Asperger’s syndrome, which has granted the gift of impressive artistic skill. Utilizing Raven’s innate talents, Gadroon shows us the wonders of Pennundinkhe and also those things which fascinate it in our world, shedding new light on them and giving us new perspective. It is most fascinated with opalite stone and wildlife and mythology of all sorts. It very much enjoys learning about us and teaching us about the fabulous creatures which live in its own realm. Now, it is my honor and pleasure to bring to this site the fascinating images which are the expression of Badhead Gadroon. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Jolie E. Bonnette

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